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financial accounting cover -new sample
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Financial accounting theory is one of the major courses in the advanced accounting programme at almost all institutes of higher learning, domestic and international. In the main most financial accounting theory course cover such topics as the background and history of accounting and the rise in accounting thought amongst accounting academicians and practitioners alike in their persistent search for a theoretical underpinning to support the practice of accounting. This book covers similar topics and also includes a topic on Islamic Accounting.

To help student follow the course, the book follows a historical approach showing how accounting developed beginning with the nature of accounting during the ancient civilizations right through to the Middle Ages and the development of the double entry system, the rise of the joint stock companies following the emergence of the Industrial Revolution in the UK, the beginning of accounting regulations and the search for an accounting theory right to the present day. The book ends with discussions on several ongoing issues in present day accounting.

This book is planned to cover topics that are just enough for a two semester/one year course that should enable students to get a good grasp of accounting theory. A proper understanding of accounting theory is important to support graduate confidence to face the real situation later at the accounting work place.

This book is written in simple English to fill the needs of non-English speaking students to properly follow the course. Shaari Isa had several years of experience teaching accounting at local universities having had a doctoral qualification and was a chartered accountant being a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and the New Zealand Institute of chartered Accountants. He has since retired and lives in Kuala Lumpur




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